Aloha, I'm Julie.

And I'm looking to create your next favorite tee. I want an Aloha Lovely tee to be something you want to wear every week. The tee that absolutely must make it into the wash after you wear it, so it ready when you need it next.

I've got an eye on slow fashion and select fabrics that both wash and wear well. And my printing process, infuses the ink directly into the fabric so that the print last as long as the tee does (and feels just as comfy).

The Aloha Lovely aesthetic is free-spirited, retro-inspired and a little tropical. Handcrafted with the perfect balance of comfort and design, allowing you to feel your best with fabric that is super soft and designs that empower. Positivity inside and out.

I handcraft each and every tee, along with other lovely items, right here in my home studio. From initial design to final product, I am a part of the entire process.

I hope you find something you love.

Let's take a look back

I started Aloha Lovely as a blog in 2016 as a way to document life and adventure while living in Hawaii. WellnessWandering and Style were the main areas I focused on creating content.

Ever inspired by the beauty and lifestyle of the islands, I soon began to explore the design and creation of items that embody that free-spirited vibe. 

The blog has since evolved into a brand, and become a space more focused on the design and creation of all the beautiful things I can see in my head, but not find on any shelves.